A Ceredigion MP has asked about EU funds, to help with the costs of repairing recent storm and flood damage in the county.

MP Mark Williams asked the Defra Ministers in questions in the House of Commons on Thursday about the possibility of Wales applying for EU funds,such as the EU Solidarity Fund.

The Minister welcomed the suggestion, and said he was happy to help as much as he could, but that it was something for the Assembly to pursue.

Mark Williams said: “One cannot underestimate the scale of the damage along the Ceredigion and Welsh coastline in the past week, and the costs will be high. We need to work together and look at all options we possibly can as sources of funding. There is a precedent for applying for this funding to deal with the cost of the clear up and restoration work and this should be looked at as a matter of urgency.

“I was pleased by the Minister pledge of support. I know there is an appetite for action, and a keenness to help from many, and I hope we can strike while the iron is hot to ensure Wales and Ceredigion has enough money to rebuild and repair our communities.

“At Welsh Questions yesterday the Secretary of State for Wales assured me that Barnett Consequentials would be forthcoming for Wales if expenditure arose in England. It manifestly should.”