Cardigan Town Council are demanding that a post office service is returned to the town as soon as possible.

Councillors are writing to the Post Office to ask for replacement facilities following the closure of the High Street branch just before Christmas.

Cllr Edwards told this week's town council meeting: "The Post Office has a duty of care to provide this service in larger towns. This ongoing closure is affecting businesses in the town."

And Cllr Jane Roche said: "They should be letting the town know what is happening. It is not good enough."

Cllr Catrin Miles, the local member who helped arrange a temporary bus service to St Dogmaels post office, said three weeks was too long to be without a post office service.

"The post office in St Dogmaels has been wonderful in helping us out and dealing with all the extra customers."

Cllr Mark Cole said: "If the post office can't give us a date when the Cardigan branch will re-open it is a permanent closure and they need to provide something else."

Councillors agreed to write a strongly worded letter to the Post Office and a letter of thanks to the St Dogmaels postmistress.