Ceredigion County Council is still dealing with the ongoing storm damage to the Aberystwyth seafront. There have been numerous offers of assistance from members of the public to help with the clean-up operation. The first phase will be to remove the debris off the roadway and pavement.

Due to the amount of material and the need for the material to be sieved to remove the large paving slabs, paver blocks and other items now combined with the beach shingle the use of volunteers is not yet appropriate.

Depending on the weather and progress in the early stages of the clean up the Council would be more than happy for volunteers to assist towards the end of the week in brushing up surplus shingle. Those whom have generously offered their assistance will be welcome to do so once heavy machinery is no longer required, and further information will be released through social media and other channels in terms of where and when the cleaning work will need to be done.