With Cardigan Post Office having been closed for more than a fortnight with considerable inconvenience and hardship caused to businesses and residents including pensioners, the Post Office says it is trying to contact the postmistress with a view of resolving a contractual issue and a resumption of service at the High Street premises.

Ceredigion County Councillor and immediate past town mayor Cllr. Catrin Miles described the situation as “ridiculous” and called on the Post Office to provide a service without further delay.

The branch has been closed since Friday, December 20, forcing residents to travel to St Dogmaels to withdraw their pensions and causing major disruption to businesses in the town.

A Post Office spokesperson said “The branch temporarily closed due to a contractual issue of which we had no advanced warning.”

The spokesperson added that attempts were being made to contact postmistress Alison Wheeler with a view of resuming service.

“We are exploring every option to restore the service to the community as soon as possible and that includes trying to reopen the service in High Street.”

Concerned over the continued closure Cllr. Miles said “It is absolutely ridiculous that the Post Office is unable to resume a service.

“Whatever the circumstances in relation to the Post Office contacting the postmistress it is the people and businesses in Cardigan and the surrounding area that are suffering,” she said.

Attempts by Cllr. Miles and the Tivy-Side to contact Ms Wheeler proved unsuccessful.