TALKS are ongoing between Ceredigion officers, BT and the Welsh government about the rollout of superfast broadband in the county.

Ceredigion is one of the worst areas for broadband speeds in the UK - only the Isles of Scilly and three local authorities in Northern Ireland have poorer coverage.

The rollout will start next year and should be completed by 2015.

"At long last we have some hope," said council leader Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn at this week's Cabinet meeting.

But some councillors were sceptical how wide-ranging the superfast broadband would be.

"Reading between the lines it seems it is only the major towns in the county," said Cllr John Lumley.

"What about farmers in rural areas? We are always on at them to use the internet but for some of them it is impossible. I hope that I'm wrong and it will be good coverage everywhere."

Cllr Towyn Evans pointed out that service from BT left a lot to be desired in rural areas.

"I have a customer in my area who has been waiting three months for a telephone line," he said.

"You're told to phone BT and you end up in places like India. It's very unsatisfactory."

Cllr ap Gwynn said: "We know you are frustrated, we are all suffering."

Councillors were also told that superfast broadband would also be rolled out to all local schools.

The meeting also heard that ten possible candidate sites "which have a realistic prospect of being delivered within the project timescale and budget" had been identified.