Mike Parker has won the nomination to contest the next Westminster election for Plaid Cymru in Ceredigion.

The result was announced after the last of a series of hustings meetings in Synod Inn on Friday.

Mike Parker is a self-employed writer and broadcaster. Mike moved from his native Kidderminster to Ceredigion in 2000, has lived in west Wales ever since and has learnt Welsh. He has written several travel books, and has presented series such as Coast to Coast and Great Welsh Roads on ITV Wales, and the 10-part series On The Map on Radio 4.

Mr Parker said:“The three main UK parties lack ambition for areas such as ours. Ceredigion has a strong tradition of entrepreneurship – self employment here is double the national average – as well as two universities and rich natural and cultural resources. I believe I can offer a genuine choice to people; the current Westminster government has achieved so little for Ceredigion, and I’m passionate and ambitious about the county’s future.

“I was born in Birmingham and grew up in Kidderminster; my life and writing proves that it’s possible to love both Wales and England with an equal passion, while believing that there’s a better way to organise the relationship between them than the creaking political structure that we have.

“I’m thrilled and very grateful to have been selected to try to win back the Ceredigion seat for Plaid, and look forward to working hard over the next two years to take our positive message to everyone in Ceredigion. I can’t wait.”

Elin Jones, Plaid Cymru’s AM for Ceredigion, said:“This year, the party reached out and opened up the nomination process to people who may not have thought about standing for Parliament before. I was delighted that we had a choice of three excellent candidates, committed to offering a voice to Ceredigion which has been so let down by the current Westminster Government.

“Mike Parker is a man of great talent, honesty and integrity; it’s obvious he has a passion for our area and its people, and has great ideas for its future. I look forward immensely to working with him.”