Having just secured permanent accommodation in Cardigan on St David’s Day a 60-year-old man embarked on a joint celebration and during the afternoon he and a friend continued the celebrations in St. Mary’s churchyard.

Unfortunately for Dennis Medoc police arrived and informed him and his friend they were in one of the town’s alcohol exclusion zones.

Drinking from a can of special brew lager Medoc took umbrage and subjected officers to a tirade of verbal abuse.

It led to his arrest and subsequent appearance at Ceredigion Magistrates Court when the jobless Medoc, of Flat 1, 29 Priory Street, Cardigan, pleaded guilty to a charge of being drunk and disorderly in a public place on March 1.

Crown prosecutor Gerald Neave said that Medoc was swaying on his feet and an officer took his arm to prevent him falling over.

After his arrest he was taken to Aberystwyth Police Station and spent a night in custody.

Referring to the exclusion zone and telling the bench that Medoc was unaware of this defence solicitor Alan Lewis said “I’ve been in Cardigan nearly 42 years and I didn’t know.”

Going on to say that Medoc had been homeless for three and a half years in the past five Mr Lewis said “After at last being given accommodation he celebrated that and St David’s Day.”

Medoc was given a conditional discharge for six months.