Food waste from Ceredigion and Powys, is now being turned into electricity.

This is following a new 15 year contract between Ceredigion County Council and Agrivert Ltd of Oxford.
Food waste collected from the regions will be treated by a process called Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and will ensure that the waste will produce electricity and agricultural fertilizer, avoiding further landfill.

AD is considered to be more environmentally friendly than composting, the method currently used to treat food waste in Central Wales, because of its potential to produce electricity. The contract with Agrivert also offers cost savings compared to the current arrangements and avoids landfill costs.

Huw Morgan, Ceredigion County Council’s Director of Highways, Property and Works Department said: “This contract is a positive step in improving the environmental impact of domestic waste produced within Ceredigion.
“The new arrangements ensure that the food waste collected will be processed to produce electricity and a valuable fertilizer for arable crops. Food waste, being treated through the facility, will produce enough green electricity to power around 850 homes, whilst the fertilizer will be spread on farmland near the plant.”