A lab worker who used the drug ketamine for recreational purposes tried to hide a quantity of it when his vehicle was stopped by police as he made his way to a rave in the lower Teifi Valley, a court has been told.

Roland Auguste Irving Ardizzone pleaded guilty at Ceredigion Magistrates Court to possessing 7.89grammes of ketamine in contravention of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Prosecutor Gerald Neave said police on a minor road carrying out intelligence led searches of vehicles on the way to a rave near the village of Cwmcou on Saturday, June 30, stopped a car driven by 23-year-old Ardizzone of Fedwen Villa, Church Street Llandysul.

The occupants of the car were told to get out and when they were searched a woman was found to be in possession of cannabis.

When an officer re-checked the area where the occupants were standing he found a clear plastic bag containing a white powder.

Initially Ardizzone denied it was his but later said “It’s mine. There is probably about eight grammes.”

He told officers he paid £80 for the ketamine and although it was a large amount he said he used it recreationally and could take up to five grammes in a night.

Acting for the defendant Kevin Williams said his client had no previous drug-related convictions and had now seen the error of his ways.

Mr. Williams said Ardizzone made a “pathetic” attempt to hide the drug by throwing it to the ground.

Going on to say that the defendant worked in a Ffostrasol laboratory Mr. Williams said “It was recreational use and foolish.”

Ardizzone was given a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered to pay £85 costs. The bench made a destruction order for the drug.