Dear Editor,

May I through the Tivy-Side bring to the attention of families living within the proximity of the Maesglas play area that an application to build eight houses has been submitted by Tai Ceredigion.

This is the only decent sized play area to service up to 400 houses. It is a safe site, easily accessible area which offers reassurance to parents that because it is overlooked by surrounding houses their children are not alone.

Locals have used this area for more than 50 years for recreational purposes including a memorable Jubilee picnic in June 2012.

To lose this play area would be devastating especially as we should be encouraging youngsters to participate in play and sport.

Please show your support by sending your objections to this plan:
Planning application A120644,
Erection of eight dwellings at Maesglas,
Director of planning,
Cyngor Sir Ceredigion,
SA46 0PA.

The closing date is October 10 2012 so don’t delay,

Mary Evans,
54 Maesglas,