It is an absolute disgrace that the Chief Executives of Welsh Local Authorities are paid such vast salaries , especially since Welsh counties have such small populations, often well below 250,000........many with a lot less than 100,000.

The United Kingdom has a population of around 63 million . Prime Minister David Cameron earns £142,500 ; his Cabinet Ministers earn £134,565 including an MP's salary of £65,738.

Therefore, by what sort of common logic should the top ten Chief Executives and other officers of Welsh Local Authorities , all with small populations , earn much more than the Prime Minister and UK Cabinet , with their huge work-load and vast responsibilities? It is absolutely scandalous ! The top ten in Wales earn between £159,263 and £195,164. How ridiculous is that ?

Welsh Local Authorities are ripping off their own council tax-payers, who have no choice in the matter. On top of that, they only work a five day week , with long holidays and extremely generous index-linked pensions for life ........all paid for by the hard-pressed Welsh public in a recession.

They defend these extortionate self-elected salaries by saying that they " are in charge of big businesses and responsible for managing budgets worth millions". What a joke ! They don't run competitive businesses in any shape or form !! The captains of private industry have to earn their companies' turnovers in the face of fierce competition from a myriad other companies.

A Local Authority Chief Executive does not even have to EARN that council's income. He/she receives cash on demand, from a captive.....very ,with no competition from anyone ......and no borrowing from banks !! What a DODDLE !! He/she only has to spend our money, not EARN it !! The cleverest part of business is to earn the money in the first place ...especially in a recession !! Lots of us can spend it ! Furthermore, I wager that over 90 per cent of a council's annual budget is already taken care of in advance , year on year, by essential expenditure on basic services.

Not only that ; once handed their lucrative over-paid jobs, these people are there for life !! Their "companies" can't go bust, because they have guaranteed incomes with absolutely no competition.

This is complete farce !! I suggest that when would-be County Councillors knock on your door shortly ,with that false Cheshire Cat smile to get your vote, that you demand that,if elected, they promise to try and reduce their council's executive pay by 30 per cent [ they would still be overpaid !!] .

Make the candidate PROMISE...........then watch the big smile disappear !!!

Yours faithfully, L.J Jenkins, Clyn-yr-ynys, Gwbert, Cardigan.