Dear Editor,

During the last seemingly endless winter months of wild storms, ferocious winds and relentless rain I wonder if local farmers might spare a thought for their gentle and long-suffering flocks of sheep.

I have been constantly distressed to see the desolate sight of sheep exposed to these truly terrible conditions without any being able to find any shelter whatsoever. The shivering figures of these poor creatures, looking wretched and caked in mud and with sodden fleece has been heartbreaking. Even these usually hardy creatures have been pushed to the limit by the recent appalling weather conditions.

Yet the provision of a simple field shelter by farmers would make a huge difference to the lives of these placid animals.

Surely they owe this simple kindness to those who give the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to feed the human taste for their flesh ?

I shall be also contacting the RSPCA and campaigning more widely for the introduction of legislation which makes the provision of field shelters , a legal requirement & a basic welfare standard for all farmed animals.