Dear Editor,

I have thought long and hard about writing this letter but the announcements on the Williams Commission Review and on failures to deliver quality Health Services have brought so many issues to a head I needed to express my deep concerns as to what this Welsh Government is doing to this wonderful county of ours.

I'm sure your discernible readers must, like me, be bemused and perhaps even horror struck to listen to and read the unbelievable lack of quality in this Williams review and to top this the continual problems coming daily out of our NHS, none more so than the Cardigan Hospital affair!

To listen to the Health Minister bemoaning that the Ambulances stacked up outside our hospitals are the staffs fault at the hospitals concerned is beyond the pail. If the largest hospital in Wales cannot manage with all the facilities it has, how do you expect the smaller ones to manage? sanctioned the hundreds upon hundreds of bed closures in all the hospitals here in Wales and it is you, that has appointed those Health Boards to do your bidding.

They, the non-clinical suits cannot manage the demands placed on them to the satisfaction of the people they serve and then you glibly try to apportion blame on others for your inabilities to appoint quality management. It's unbelievable! ...When oh when are you going to stand-up and be counted?...

I also ask the question of our Assembly Members, when are you going to bring to account this Welsh Government and demand of them that they deliver equitable, quality Health Services for the people of Ceredigion and Hywel Dda? Why is this administration in Cardiff continually seeking to blame others for their inabilities? Have we got an administration that is bereft of the skills required to run our country effectively, efficiently and equitably for everyone in Wales? I know what my answer will be!

This leads me onto the Williams Commission Review, which in my considered opinion is an unbelievable hotchpotch of broken down ideas delivered to satisfy a further thirst for Labour hegemony here in Wales and will not, and I stress will not provide a 21st Century public service sector for our nation.....Most of this could have been worked out on the back of a cigarette packet and the so called savings and payback time are laughable if they were not such a serious an issue to considered.

Is our First Minister, Carwyn Jones seriously going to ask the other 59 Assembly Members to support this lamentable hotchpotch of a review? Because if he is, then come 2016 many of them will be looking for new employment....mark my words!

Go back and re-think this review, and for once get cross party involvement during the review, not seek to railroad through a set of recommendations that will see Ceredigion and Wales losing out on the quality, equitable services it's deserves, once again!

Very concerned

Cllr Paul Hinge

Bow Street