One of the advantages of performing together for over 20 years is that, no matter the venue, Dave Luke and Chuck Micallef manage to create the intimate, jovial atmosphere of a front porch picking session - and they bring their beautifully crafted music to The Cellar Bar on Friday , August 8.

They have a bond, a strong thread of musical trust laced together with a passion for the music that they play.

Dave is the musical brains behind the outfit possessing a learning beyond his years of the rich musical legacy of Country, Bluegrass, Gospel and Blues.

Chuck's affinity for the music’s heritage and his knowledge of the Singer-Songwriter genre neatly overlaps with Dave's expertise, highlighting the link between the early Country songwriters and the latter-day Americana troubadours.

Doors 7.30pm. Tickets £5 from the Castle Cafe and Cellar Bar or visit