Formed in 1988 by award winning artists from Seville, Jaleo have over over the past years given innumerable stage performances, television appearances, and radio broadcasts. Their workshops recordings have made a considerable contribution to the general understanding and appreciation of this art form.

The origins of flamenco can be traced back several centuries although the exact point in time at which it began to evolve is unknown. History shows however a diverse background of cultural roots including Indian, Jewish, Byzantine, Moorish and South American.

Throughout the history of the Iberian peninsula, people from these various cultures have passed through and settled in Andalusia and in so doing forged their own particular characteristic mark upon the development of this southern region of Spain.

For two decades Jaleo have captivated the attention of audiences of all ages with the universal appeal of their art and have firmly established an international reputation as an exciting, colourful and dynamic dance company. Their authentic and charismatic approach to performance has won them many followers and considerable acclaim from both press and public alike.

Jaleo combine the essential qualities of flamenco with an innovative spirit representing flamenco as one of today?s most dynamic art forms. The evening will feature dance, song and the fabulous guitar playing which characterizes this art form.

Of course no evening of flamenco is complete without the typical Andalucian dish of paella and the kitchen at Rhosygilwen will be serving this dish in the interval. Vegetarians too can delight in a special version suitable for them.

There are a few tickets left for this performance at Rhosygilwen on the 21st June at 8pm. The website is still taking bookings.