In an exciting new puppet show made for adults, encounter the femme-fatale and the hard-nosed detective in a glorious black and white performance reminiscent of the classic silent movies at The Queens Hall, Narberth on June 5.

Small World Theatre presents One Way Street, a show containing all the moral ambiguity embodied in the film noir genre – think classic noir with a twist; set in Wales and played by puppets with animation.

Convoluted plot twists take the hero, private investigator Sam Stone, on a tour of San Francisco’s high and low spots travelling by car, boat, and plane on a journey that eventually brings him to Wales.

People come to Sam to solve their problems, but lately these problems have become more difficult to solve. One day a woman walks into his office with what seems to be an open and shut case, but this one is going to get him into a whole lot of trouble.

Small World Theatre has written a show that highlights the similarities between the present economic climate and the late 1930s depression. Many of the noir classics were written in this time and filmed later, but their ambiguous morals resurface in our own time.

The company has devised this intriguing monochrome experience inventively transposing the styles of German Expressionist cinematography to stage.

Tickets are cheaper in advance, and can be bought from the Span Arts box office on 01834 869323 or online at Try something different and be transported back to the days of black and white in an intriguing and original adult puppet show.