Fishguard’s Theatr Gwaun is delighted to welcome the innovative Angel Exit Theatre Company on May 30, as they take to the stage with The Ballad of Martha Brown, a tale of jealousy and passion set in the mid 19th century.

An ordinary woman and her ordinary husband, a hatchet grabbed in haste, a murder, a wrongly accused horse, a black silk dress, the hangman from London and the mob at the hang-fair who gawp in glee.

This remarkable show is spliced through with wicked humour, an original score and macabre songs as a grim chorus of hollow-eyed storytellers invite you into their mysterious world where reality and fantasy blur as the events of Martha's life are played out under the constant stare of the gallows above.

This remarkable show starts at 7.30pm. Tickets, £8 (£7 for students), can be booked by calling the Theatr Gwaun box office 01348 873421.

On Saturday May 31, 10am Theatr Gwaun is hosting workshops for adults and students lead by the artistic directors of Angel Exit Theatre Company.

The workshops will be focused on physical and ensemble theatre and to tie in withThe Ballad of Martha Brown we will also be exploring Brechtian theatre techniques. Please contact June Cooper for more details Places must be booked in advance.