Theatr Mwldan Film Society's next choice is Tim's Vermeer on April 13.

Directed by Teller (of Penn & Teller fame), and featuring the illusionist duo, this filmTim's Vermeer follows Tim Jenison, a Texas based inventor, as he attempts to solve one of the greatest mysteries in all of art: How did 17th century Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer (Girl with a Pearl Earring) manage to paint so photo-realistically, 150 years before the invention of photography? Jenison’s epic research project ultimately succeeds as he uses 17th century technology - lenses and mirrors - to develop a technique that might have been used by Vermeer, supporting a theory as extraordinary as what he discovers. Spanning a decade, Jenison’s adventure takes him to Delft, Holland, where Vermeer painted his masterpieces; on a pilgrimage to the North coast of Yorkshire to meet artist David Hockney; and eventually even to Buckingham Palace, to see the Queen’s Vermeer.

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