An Israeli offering Fill The Void is the choice of Theatr Mwldan Film Society on Sunday, April 6.

This transfixing, emotionally complex Israeli debut feature by Orthodox Jewish American Burshtein offers a sympathetic take on the plight of an Israeli teenager trying to square her emotional needs with duty to faith and family. Shira (Hadas Yaron, mesmerising) has always looked up to her big sister, who’s married to a Rabbi and due to give birth to the couple’s first child. When tragedy strikes, Shira’s suddenly pressured to marry, and though determined to remain her own woman, she’s culturally ill-equipped to understand her swirling emotions and desires. Fill The Void is intimate, authentic and immersive, though its acceptance of the institution of marriage and the clerical priorities of Orthodox life may not sit well with all viewers. However, it is an extraordinary first film, nerve-tingling in its intensity, and assembled with remarkable finesse and control.

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