It’s Dark Outside, ‘a rare triumph of theatrical ingenuity and human compassion’ (The West Australian), is a heartfelt story about memory loss from the team that brought us the internationally renowned, multi-award winning production, The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer in 2012. This show will be at Theatr Mwldan on Friday 11 April at 7.30pm.

As the sun sets, an old man and his noble tent go wandering into the wild. He is losing his mind. Swept up in a surreal world, he is on the run. Meanwhile, a mysterious tracker has caught the scent and is hell bent on hunting him down. But while he can try and run away from the life he once knew, he can’t hide from everything.

What they present is a story; a tale of an old man who has gone wandering into a wilderness. Whether that wilderness is the world outside, the old man’s own mind or a haunting form of the disease – it’s up to you. What they can say for certain is the topic of discussion deserves respect and although it lends itself to ultimately sad conclusions perhaps they have found something beautiful, hopeful and comforting in the telling of this old man’s tale.

Inspired by experiences and research into Alzheimer’s and Sundowner’s Syndrome, the play is a heartfelt, fearless and inventive adventure about ageing, getting lost and trying not to be found.

Puppetry, mask, animation and live performance are all expertly intertwined by the superbly talented Arielle Gray, Chris Isaacs and Tim Watts in this grand epic western adventure. It’s Dark Outside also features original music by award-winning composer Rachael Dease, who has created an uniquely beautiful and moving score for the play.

Audiences will be drawn in by the perfect mix of enchanting, beautiful and uplifting moments that are woven throughout this must-see theatre event.

Tickets to see It’s Dark Outside are £10 (£9 concessions) £8 Children and are available to book from Theatr Mwldan’s Box Office on 01239 621200, online at, or via smart phone by visiting