Small World Theatre’s Assembly proposal ‘Who Controls the Drones in My Sky’ is the first this year, directed by National Theatre Wales and held at Small World Theatre, Cardigan on Friday 29 March, 7pm - 9pm.

National Theatre Wales invited proposals from across Wales, asking the public to come up with ideas and decide what issues the next Assembly should explore. The public voted for Small World Theatre’s idea and Cardigan will be the next location for this rousing performance.

There follows a collaboration between the organisations that will result in this final public performance. The performance will be screened online on National Theatre Wales’ website and facebook and include live chat with other people, experts, artists, witnesses and thinkers!

Drones are being tested in our local area. They are unmanned surveillance and weapons equipped aerial devices. We have the opportunity as a community to creatively discuss this controversial subject with National Theatre Wales and share different views at the event.

“We are delighted to be working with National Theatre Wales to explore the impact of the use of drones locally, nationally and internationally” said Bill Hamblett, Artistic Director.

So, are you an activist or a pacifist? Anti-military or pro-surveillance? Undecided or unchangeable in your way of thinking? Do you have personal experience of the drone testing at Aberporth and have you things you want to say? This is the evening for open discussion and a new, exciting theatre experience.

You can find more information about National Theatre Wales and the Assemblies by visiting Please reserve your free tickets on Small World's website