Introducing a fabulous Valentines cabaret at Small World Theatre on 14 February, starring two very talented Welsh bands, exciting performers and delicious food prepared by Our Two Acres! This is a special evening for friends and loved ones who want a cheeky night out and to let their hair down.

'Barefoot Dance of the Sea' charmed audiences at Small World Theatre in 2011 with their beautiful 2 and 3 part harmonies and enchanting minimalist instrumentation. They return with their subtle but distinct style, paying homage to a variety of folk-root creations like old-timely gospel, country crooning, sea shanties and torch balladry. ‘Full of blushing charm and with all the thrill of the unrequited crush...' SOUNDS XP

'Miss Maud's Folly' is a wonderful new act who have just released their debut album and already delighted audiences in Paris, London Barcelona and Vienna. They perform a blend of gypsy, jazz and folk tunes, full of beautiful imagery and delightful instrumental arrangements. From raucous, breakneck-paced gypsy tunes to delicate Spanish lullabies, velvety jazz numbers to lolloping honky-tonk saloon music - the band delights and excites audiences every time! ‘Super sexy group with ‘folk, jazz, flamenco, gypsy', even burlesque influence and appeal. Dashingly obscure and yet utterly engrossing... compelling indeed...' BUGBEAR PROMOTIONS

On the menu is a hot smoked salmon tart or a smoky Caerphilly and leek tart. Booking your tickets and cabaret supper couldn't be easier through, or by calling the box office on 01239 615 952.