Judging by the crowds who descended on Small World Theatre to hear singer song-writer Rye Milligan launch his first album, last Friday, the eighteen year old already has a large and lively fan base. Still a student at Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn, Rye’s music is all over the internet with Youtube showing many of his videos, and the great thing about a live event is that it gives Rye the opportunity to perform to his local fans.

‘I really like doing a live gig like this,’ he says. ‘Seeing a crowd of people enjoying it is great, except I do get really nervous beforehand.’

The pre-performance nerves, are in the nature of being a normal reaction for many performers, and typically once Rye gets into the music he forgets his nerves, and gives his audience an excellent time. His backing band are John Paul Davies, on guitar, and Branwen Munn on keyboard.

‘I met them through school, and they are both really excellent musicians, and they help give me confidence,’ he says.

Rye’s songs are all his own and the content material is generally observational, about daily life, emotions and relationships. They are much appreciated by the very large following he has online, many of the tracks having thousands of views. His album, now available to buy online was put together by Ollie Morgan at Red Worm Studios and its title is what one might expect. When asked what it is he answers with a grin,

‘It’s Rye Milligan, just my name. Like many first albums I guess.’

And seeing his output, his style, his talent and his fans, it could very well be the first of many to come.