Dancing is one of the top attractions at the Guildhall in Cardigan, and the regular Rock n Roll night, coming up on the last Saturday of the month always offers a good time. It is the kind of night out for those who love their dancing with real action, and a rousing beat, still addicted to the Rock n Roll rhythms which have the power to get toes tapping. This is the second year the monthly dances have been running and they continue to build their numbers and their popularity.

Brian Jones, who organises the Rock n Roll monthly dances, says for those who might like to go but have not yet done it, there is no need to be shy.

‘People don’t have to have a partner, they can come on their own or with a friend and find themselves dancing with someone they never met before. We have a really good time and are very happy to welcome newcomers.’

Brian began the dances in Cardigan after he and his wife Glenys (pictured) had travelled to other similar dances held in Wales.

‘There was a gap round here,’ he says. ‘There were other venues further away, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed we should have something happening here in Cardigan. Menter Aberteifi were very open to the idea when I approached them, so I provide the music, and make sure everything goes right, and we have a great time.’

This is why the last Saturday night of the month, will forever be known by the Rock n Rollers in Cardigan as the best Saturday of every month, and no doubt will continue to be one of the most popular regular dance evenings held at the Guildhall.

The Rock n Roll Dance is in the Great Hall at the Guildhall on 25th January from 8.00pm. entry £5