Music at the Bay Spring Festival: Lowri Evans sings.

Lowri Evans, described by a local music fan as "a local singer with a fabulous voice", will sing at the Parrog ( 1pm) on Saturday, 2nd May as part of the Bay Spring Festival. Lowri sings Jazz, Country Music and Folk and has sung with Dafydd Iwan. After years of discipline, dedication and enthusiasm for her music Lowri is yet another singer, although with exceptional talent, from the artistic route provided and shaped by the Eisteddfod. She praises the encouragement of her teachers in her local school and the advantages of ten years of coaching, studying and performing for appearances in the Eisteddfod and other venues and now performing on CD. She completed a University Degree in Music followed by a further three years study.

While studying music in Newcastle - on -Tyne, Lowri, who is a Welsh speaker, stuck the Red Dragon on the side of her guitar. Walking past a group of buskers,who included a guitarist, about ten years ago, she heard one of them say, "Sh'mae." Lowri stopped, began a chat in Welsh and discovered that she had played hockey in her Preseli School with the guitarist's sister. The buskers are now the famous Baghdaddies, who will also play during the Festival, and the guitarist was Lee Mason. Lee is now Lowri's partner and they live in Newport. Lowri's two best known CDs are CLYW SIBRYDION and Dim da Maria although with her voice, talent and personality others must follow.

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