Anne Eastham will lead a pilgrimage walk on Sunday, 3rd May, from Nevern to Cwm yr Eglwys, as part of the Newport Bay Spring Festival. The Pilgrimage Walk begins at 10am, covers 7 miles, and will last 5 hours. The walk is described in the Festival programme as "moderate to challenging, boots and weatherproofs." It will follow the mediaeval route and provides a chance to experience walking the path of the pilgrims and to hear about an area which abounds in history and legend. Nevern church was founded by St Brynach, a friend of St David, and Nevern itself first begins to emerge from the Celtic mists in the late 11th century. The walk is a chance to hear about much that lies at the religious, legendary and mystical heart of Wales.

Anne Eastham, a working archaeologist, is also a commissioner of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales.